Upcycling – Industrial – Sideboard

Sideboard made out of old barn windows, with a steel frame and oak.

Unfortunately, this has already found a new home.



My absolute favorite piece. Here you can see my upcycling idea of old cast-iron barn windows. They were shortened in height by 1/3 and the surface of the metal door was sandblasted and protected with hard oil. I also managed to reuse most of the original hinges. Around the windows I have built a case of oiled oak panels. The front of the drawers and the countertop are made from 250-year-old oak. 

The wood has an incredible finish where you can see that the wood had some rough years as well. The metal handles in cast optics pick up the central theme again.


The wood is surrounded by a handmade frame of rolled structural steel. The steel is untreated to maintain its raw form.

Due to the size and weight of the sideboard and to ease transportation, it has been designed so it can be completely disassembled into its individual parts.

Additional information

Dimensions 202 × 50 × 96 cm